This super wedding took place in the incredible Nizuc Resort, grooms and guests arrived from Venezuela and enjoyed three days in this wonderful destination. For me it was a pleasure and a great experience taking pictures with Daniel Ramirez and Arturo Gonzalez, Dani thanks for the invitation.

Hotel.  Nizuc Resort and Spa Cancun Video: Medio Limón Photographers: Daniel Ramírez, Arturo González, Vladimir Liñán

nizuc-cancun-wedding IMG_0942 IMG_0959 IMG_0989 IMG_1047 nizuc-cancun-wedding nizuc-cancun-wedding nizuc-cancun-wedding IMG_1074nizuc-cancun-wedding nizuc-cancun-wedding IMG_1086 IMG_1098 IMG_1126 IMG_1202 IMG_1233 IMG_1274 IMG_1281 IMG_1285 IMG_1287cancun-wedding-nizuc  IMG_1302 IMG_1310 IMG_1336 IMG_1405 IMG_1408 IMG_1423 IMG_1429  nizuc-cancun-weddingnizuc-cancun-wedding IMG_1532  IMG_1556 IMG_1560 IMG_1684 IMG_1756 IMG_1816 IMG_1817 IMG_1881 IMG_1899 IMG_1905 IMG_1917 IMG_1994  IMG_8896 IMG_8901 IMG_9013 IMG_9094 IMG_9099 IMG_9141 IMG_9189 IMG_9213 IMG_9278

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